Photo by Nicole Stark

Farmelot @ Vina

Our main location in Vina, Ca.

Farmelot @ Riparia

Our secondary location in Chico, Ca.


"The Art of Natural Food"


We use only farming production methods that are considered organic, but we are not certified organic. We DO NOT ever use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Only Certified Organic Compost. We save much of our own heirloom seeds for the next year's production. We hope to become certified organic growers by the summer of 2016.

Basic Info

Farmelot grows sustainable food, utilizing regenerative land practices on a vintage farm in North State California 175 miles north east of San Francisco. Dr. Bruce and Farmer James worked collaboratively to create Farmelot – The Art of Natural Food. Our heirlooms and old world varieties are a main attraction at the vibrant and highly rated downtown Saturday Chico Farmers Market, the massive downtown Sunday Sacramento Farmers Market as well as other farmers markets, restaurants & natural food stores in Northern California.