Bruce Balgooyen Ph. D

aka Dr. Bruce, our mad scientist

Dr. Bruce, a Cornell graduate with a Ph.D. in seed cultivation, has been farming for over 40 years. This passion has led him to be the most acknowledged farmer in the Chico valley and a prestiged member of the community.


He teaches agriculture at Chico State University and also offers classes in seed saving and organic farming throughout the year at the Chico Grange Hall and also at our secondary farm location Farmelot @ Riparia located in Chico, Ca. 

Below, check out a cool video of Dr. Bruce reciting a poem

he wrote called "Why I Farm."


"The Art of Natural Food"

Laura Brock

Aka Princess Laura

As Farmer James' daughter, Laura manages our office, customer relations & marketing as well as helping out on the farm.

Our Farmers

Farmer James

aka King James

Farmer James owns and operates our main 15 acre location, Farmelot @ Vina located in Vina, Ca. Farming comes natural to him and he works sun up to sun down to provide sustainable, organic, quality produce to our local community. Farmer James has been growing food his whole life and is known for his resourceful farming techniques. 

With a history in politics and teaching, Farmer James is very dedicated to the community. His passions in sustainability and self reliance have led him to be very involved in building strong relationships within the community, relaying the importance of sustainable living & farming in the midst of global crisis.

Watch a video of Farmer James, speaking on the news about the drought in California.

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